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Alesia Travel was founded by a team of experienced industry leaders with over a decade of expertise in the tourism industry. Recognizing the specific needs and emerging technologies within the sector, our brand and project were born to revolutionize the way business trips are conducted, placing the goals of our clients at the forefront.


The team behind Alesia understands that tourism encompasses a wide range of experiences. From corporate executives seeking efficient and goal-oriented business trips to families planning memorable vacations, they prioritize the unique needs of every client. By offering personalized services and tailored solutions, Alesia ensures that each customer receives a travel experience that aligns perfectly with their desires and expectations.

In an industry as dynamic as tourism, staying attuned to client needs is of paramount importance. Alesia is acutely aware that preferences, interests, and travel objectives vary from person to person. Therefore, they go the extra mile to engage with clients, actively listen to their requirements, and craft itineraries and packages that cater to their specific desires. By taking a customer-centric approach, Alesia establishes a strong foundation for building long-lasting relationships with their clients.

The comprehensive range of services provided by Alesia covers all aspects of tourism. They assist clients in planning and organizing their trips, ensuring that every detail is taken care of, from transportation and accommodation to sightseeing and activities. By leveraging their industry expertise and extensive network of partners, Alesia is able to offer a diverse selection of destinations and experiences, ensuring that clients have a wide array of options to choose from.

The core philosophy of Alesia revolves around prioritizing client satisfaction. They believe that every traveler deserves a memorable and fulfilling experience, tailored to their unique preferences. To achieve this, Alesia invests considerable effort in understanding the needs and desires of their clients. They take into account factors such as budget, travel style, and desired activities to curate personalized travel plans that exceed expectations.

As a technology-driven company, Alesia embraces digital advancements to enhance the overall travel experience. They leverage cutting-edge tools and platforms to streamline the booking process, provide real-time updates, and deliver seamless customer service. By harnessing the power of technology, Alesia ensures that clients can access information, make reservations, and receive support effortlessly, making their journey hassle-free and enjoyable.

In conclusion,Alesia is a leading player in the tourism industry, catering to the diverse needs of clients seeking business trips or leisure travel experiences. With a focus on understanding client requirements and a commitment to personalized service, they create unforgettable journeys that align with individual preferences. By embracing technology and constantly evolving with industry trends, Alesia continues to provide innovative solutions that enhance the overall travel experience for their valued clients.


Supporting Sustainability Beyond Travel Dogma

Amplify Impact with Alesia

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Carbon Offset Commitment:

We neutralize the carbon footprint of our entire packages, which includes international flights, by utilizing the UNFCCC Carbon Offset platform. Alesia carefully chooses packages and tours that meet the highest environmental standards.


Preserving the Wild:

Every adventure featuring wildlife and wild ecosystems is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the industry’s highest conservation practices.


Reviving Our Waters:

Our ‘journeys stand for more than exploration; they represent our commitment to a cleaner ocean. We eliminate 1.8lbs of plastic (equivalent to 40 plastic water bottles) from the ocean through partnerships.


Growing a Greener Future:

With every traveler on our journeys, ‘Alesia is committed to planting 13 trees in partnership with our eco-conscious allies.


Reimagining Fair Tourism:

In many low-income countries, tourism is an economic lifeline. Surprisingly, only a fraction of vacation spending benefits local communities. Our direct-to-local model ensures 87% of your trip dollars directly support the destination, empowering local communities for long-term prosperity.


A Commitment to Every Individual’s Dignity

Even as tourism generates jobs worldwide, concerns persist over fair pay, safety, and equal opportunities. We support women-owned businesses and projects that empower underrepresented groups. Our 'Alesia Charter' secures fair wages and safe working conditions for our guides and drivers.


Alesia Zero Tolerance Policy

In accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we take a strong stance against inequitable tourism that perpetuates poverty, such as visits to vulnerable communities or orphanages. We also actively oppose cultural exploitation, which can restrict local communities with antiquated definitions, often leading to cycles of poverty. Our commitment is to facilitate cultural exchanges with communities that have full autonomy over their identities and narratives, enabling them to share their stories in their unique and genuine voices.

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